Your event website with a nice schedule in a matter of minutes

Create a branded website, add a schedule with tracks and locations, register attendees, deliver emails – just in few clicks

Organizing events often feels overwhelming

With EventSheep you can easily make changes – update sessions, locations, speakers – without help from a tech team. Notify attendees of changes in a couple of clicks without leaving a service.
We got you covered – your event will be organized smoothly!

Event organizers

clear and useful schedule without a hassle

list of attendees and contacts for a perfect networking

detailed partners info – sponsors will appreciate it

Corporate clients

company info and event website on the same platform

venue plans – nobody gets lost, nav links to locations

a schedule with parallel threads for intensive programs


fast to deliver when no time to hesitate

instant changes in a program or any other content

cost–effective implementation and managing on your own

Creating an event website shouldn't be hard

EventSheep has an easy to use dashboard. No complex elements, the service will guide you step by step to fill all the data to get a fully functional website – including company info, photos, videos, schedule, speaker contacts, etc.

Attendees will get all the info even with a bad connection

Accurate and friendly UI – everything's in the right place just where you'd look for it. It's lightweight and usable even when your Internet is slow. We used the most advanced technologies to deliver your content fast and securely.

Register attendees and deliver emails without leaving a service

Share info about your event: description, speakers and schedule, register attendees, send engaging emails. And it's all in one place, branded with your style and on your custom domain.

Everyone will be updated with changes, get slides and files, and won't get lost

Use EventSheep as your event's database. Links to speakers slides are in the schedule. Venue plans are in the locations tab. Sponsors offers are in the partners section. News and updates are in the news feed. It's extremely convenient.

This event was created in just 10 minutes

«No excessive elements. Be simple, pragmatic and performant. That's what we thought about when created EventSheep»

Project founder Dmitry Melnikov ex Senior Staff Engineer at Yandex and


We adjusted pricing plans for your tasks and needs. All the features are already included in every plan.

Single event

Make your event convenient for attendees. We'll be happy to help

Unlimited subscription

$179 / month

For agencies and organizers who has 3 or more events in a month. Save your time and efforts for important things

Special demands
By request

We'll adjust our service to your unique needs. We have intelligent managers and exclusive developers

We have 100% transparency policy

You can try all features simply by logging in. No credit cards required, no strings attached. Once you try it, we're sure you'll love it!
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